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Today in India the ambition of Middle Class and Poor students to undergo Higher and Technical education is becoming a dream due to the huge amount of fees charged by the money minded Private Colleges. Postgraduate Courses are mostly self financed and the fee per year for MBA, MCA, M.Sc courses is more than Rs.20,000/- per year depending upon the state and reputation of the College. So for two year M.Sc courses a student has to spend minimum Rs.50,000/- for tuition fees besides the huge Hostel fees and this is not in reach of a Middle Class/Lower Middle Class Muslim students.Even for Prospectus of MBA and MCA courses the private colleges are charging Rs.350/- to Rs.1000/- depending upon the institute. If a Middle Class student has to apply for more than one course means he has to face financial problems. In a country where majority of people are groaning under the weight of poverty, hunger and increasing prices how the middle class Indian people will pay huge amounts for higher and Technical education. You will be surprised to note that even project reports of MCA and B.S. are available for sale. This clearly shows you how the education system is commercialised.

In our Krishna district and neighbour Guntur, West Godavari Districts there are considerable Muslim Population. If one observes closely they will find the number of people going for Technical, Higher education is very less because of their financial problems and large families. Most of the Muslim students are stopping their education after Middle School and settling in self employment schemes like Motor Cycle repairing, Welding,Tailoring etc. We wanted to help this neglected people by helping to study Higher and Technical education.

*      Social and Economic Situation of Muslim Minority :  Our Andhra Pradesh State Government has accorded 5% reservation for Muslim Minority in Education and in employment in the month of July 2005 which was quashed by Honourable High Court of Andhra Pradesh(twice). At the time of implementing reservation to Muslim Minority in Backward Classes “E” Group, Government has issued press release where in the following points are worth mentioning. I have already submitted copy of the News item published on 13th July,2005 for your kind consideration:

1.     The population of Muslim Minority according to 1991 Census is 11 Percent.

2.     The study revealed that 65 percent of Muslims are living below the poverty line( i.e., whose income is below Rs.1000/- per month)

3.     The literacy rate among Muslim Minority is 18%.

4.     The lowest literacy rate is observed among Muslim women and is only 8%.

5.     The study revealed that most of the Muslims are engaged in pretty businesses such as running Pan Shops, fruits and flowers besides working as labourers.

6.     It is pertinent to make a mention that the percentage of Muslim Minority undergoing Higher Education such as MBA, MCA, M.Sc courses is only 0.5% which is disproportionate to their population.

7.     India though a Non-Islamic Country has large number of Muslim Minority. According to 2001 Census(data collected before the year 2000), the population of Muslim Minority are 13,81,88,240 and it clearly tells about the need for proper care about the growing Muslim Minority in India.

8.     The Muslim Minority population is growing at a rate of 34%.


*      Justice Rajindar Sachar Committee Report : The said report was tabled before Honourable Parliament of India on 30th November,2006. The report clearly stated the necessity to uplift the downtrodden Muslim Minority in India. The report clearly states the lowest percentage of Muslim Minority in the important places in Government employment.

1.    The percentage of Muslim Minority in Government employment is only 4.9% which is very very less when compared with present population of 150 million Muslim Minority in India.

2.    The percentage of Muslims in Security sector i.e., Police, Military, Air Force etc., is only 3.2 which is very low.

3.    The percentage of Graduates is only 3.6% which is very low when compared with other communities where as this percentage is very less in Andhra Pradesh State.

4.    25% of the Muslim Children in the age 6-14 years age group have either never attended School or have dropped out.

5.    The percentage of Muslim Minority in Engineering Education and in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (Central Government Shools) are very less when compared with other communities.

6.    The Sachar Committee also recommended for reservation at par with Scheduled Castes for the Muslim Groups known as Arzals who are mostly working as butchers, washerman, barbers and Scavengers.

7.    The report also stressed the need for infrastructure, health care facilities, pucca roads for the areas where Muslims are living because most of the Muslims are living in slum areas.

8.    The Report clearly recommended to reduce the wide gap between Muslims and other communities.


*      Our Views : I strongly feel that Muslims are considered as Vote Banks only by the Political parties and none of the Political parties have tried to uplift the downtrodden Muslim Minority in India. In each and every city, Most of the Muslim Minority are living in slum areas and also undeveloped areas because they cannot afford to pay for higher amounts.

1.     My Lord, Education is the only the way to increase the living standards of our Muslim Community and also education will equip with the skills to earn one’s livelihood.

*      The very purpose of education is to enhance the qualify of  life and life management systems. Also if we increase the literacy the Muslim youth will not fall in the hands of the fundamentalists.

1.     Education among Muslim women is very less. If mother is properly educated, she will guider her children in their career.

2.     The Muslim Minority are discontinuing their studies mostly after Middle School and settling in self employment schemes like Tailoring, Motor Cycle Repairing, Welding shops etc. This is mainly because of their inability to pay for education.

3.     The number of Muslim Minority Higher Educational Colleges to take of the poverty sicken Muslim Minority are very few in number. There are good number of Engineering Colleges opened for Muslim Minority throughout the country but they cannot help the Muslim Minority because in these colleges, they can provide Seats to Muslim Minority but the fee is similar to that in Private Unaided Colleges and is Rs.25000 or more depending upon the State Government.

4.     If you can kindly help our Society, we will be able to obtain government aid for payment of staff salaries of the Proposed Muslim Minority College so that the fee will be very less and nominal.

5.     Huge  number of Higher Education Colleges started by Christian Missionaries to take care of their community and many of the Colleges run by Missionaries like Church of South India, RCM are having government aid for payment of staff salaries and because of this huge masses of Christian Minority are enjoying the benefit of less fees. It is highly paining to note that there are no sufficient Muslim Minority Colleges run on non-profit basis to take of the growing Muslim community in India.

6.     There are only two Universities to take care of the Muslim Minority in India. They are Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamic. But for Christian Minority, good number of Deemed Universities have been established by Christian Missionaries – Satya Bhama University, Allahabad Agricultural University etc.(more than eight Deemed Universities – self financed by the Missionaries).


Our Commitment to help Muslim Students:

  • ¨     The Proposed College will be a Non Profit making Institution.

    ¨     The proposed fees are much below the fees charged by even Government aided Colleges.

  • ¨     It is our Prime Objective to run the Institution on totally virtuous highly disciplined lines without giving scope for any evil practices or habits maintaining silence during study hours and highly appreciable elegancies and manners with pleasant and congenial Climate.

    ¨     24 hours Laboratory and Library facilities will be provided.

    ¨     Besides giving good coaching we will concentrate on building good character in students who are future citizens of India.

    ¨     Unlike other Higher Education colleges, we will introduce Dress Code in our College in order to promote the sense of belongingness and equality.

"Education differentiates human and animals"